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What You Need to Know Before You Invest Your Money

July 2, 2017

MarketPlus Investing® Helps Investors Choose What’s Right for Them


With countless investment options available to you, with so much written about the state of the markets, the state of the economy and the state of the world, deciding how to invest your money—whether it be your own or an organization’s—keeps getting more complicated.  Smart investors do their homework, seek out people they can trust and find investment strategies that work for them. In words, that sounds easy. In practice it isn’t very easy at all.


SJS Investment Services has spent decades helping people choose what’s right for them when it comes to investments through a proprietary investment process called MarketPlus Investing. And through it all, we have discovered the three most important things investors need to know about themselves before they invest.

      1. Who are the people you care about and how do you want to take care of them?
        In the course of conversation, SJS Investment Services gets to the core of what’s important. It might be a person or a cause, but until we know who you care about and how you want to take care of them, we don’t know enough about you to fully guide you.
      2. What is your time window? (or, How long is your runway?)
        How long before you or the people you care about need your money? This makes a big difference when determining an appropriate investment vehicle for you or your organization. Some individuals have a time window of twenty years or more. Others, including organizations, want investments that cover their expenses next month or next year. Between the extremes are an infinite number of scenarios, and each imply a different investment strategy.
      3. How risk averse are you?
        When asked this question, investors are often quick to say that they are comfortable with risk. But the reality is that they are usually more risk averse than they think. That’s why SJS Investment Services digs deeper than just this question to find out the real answer. And more important, we ask about necessary or desired return on an investment, so you are not assuming more risk than necessary to derive an expected return.

At SJS Investment Services these three questions are just a part of getting to know you. The more we know about you, the better we can design a MarketPlus Investing portfolio for you.  Because MarketPlus Investing is a science-based process of structuring investment vehicles and designing portfolios to help people achieve their specific financial goals, there are countless options. And the more we know, the better we can apply the academic models, the market trend analysis and consider ever changing key indicators on your behalf.  SJS Investment Services through MarketPlus Investing seeks to develop the right portfolio design to meet your needs.