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The ‘One’ Number that Matters Most

November 1, 2019

Have you ever stopped to think just how much numbers rule our lives?

Numbers help make our streets easier to navigate, save us from speeding tickets, remind us that we’ve been sitting too long and need to move around, and so much more.

In the world of investments, numbers are ever-present and always changing. Numbers saturate the quarterly reports we provide to you, illustrate the ups and downs of the markets, allow us to help you minimize taxable gains – and the list goes on.

Numbers are critical in our daily activities at SJS. Yet to us, ONE number stands out among the many.

What is that number, you ask? It’s the measurement of how many clients stay with SJS from year to year. That number is known as client retention, and our calculations tell us that, for the last year, our number was a humbling 98%.

Our client retention number has been consistently high over the years, meaning few people choose to depart from SJS. But that number makes us happy because it is ONE indicator that tells us we are doing what we say we do – which is putting you first, all the time, and every time.

Our clients tell us that there is a lot more to SJS than portfolio returns. Of course, performance over time matters, but client retention is that ONE indicator that shows how well we are serving clients through the year, and throughout their lives. SJS has been through many bull, bear, and boring markets and countless client life changes. This ONE number demonstrates we’ve been there together.

A high client retention number is indicative of your loyalty, a demonstration we have never taken for granted. Your loyalty allows us to learn how to serve you better, and that can take time. Seldom does life reveal your complete needs over a year or two. And when life happens, we are humbled when one of your first calls is to us.

You know how much we enjoy hearing from you and helping you get to where you are going. Our team is loyal to you, and their loyalty inspires new team members to provide you with the same level of care. Long-term retention, and the loyalty that follows, allows us to be our best for you. Because, when it comes down to it, the ONE number that means the most to us – is YOU.