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Industry Speak vs. ‘SJS Speak’

February 12, 2019

Could you repeat that, please?

Have you ever read an article in a magazine or newsletter, and come away feeling more confused and with less understanding *after* having read it?

Too often, those who write these types of articles spend their time using words that may make the writer sound smarter and well-informed without giving consideration to the people who are actually reading the article. They use lots of big words and industry jargon to give the impression that they REALLY know their stuff. But, in the end, you – the reader – don’t learn anything much.

Consider the following paragraph about SJS, written in a style that we like to call “industry-speak”:

Many of our clients come to us to help determine if their net worth is sufficient to fund their liquidity needs, to amortize their debt, and for help investing their 401(k) plans, Roth IRAs, and Trust accounts. They turn to us for a proper asset allocation as to maximize their total return while minimizing flow-through and realized capital gain taxes, and to help them understand how MarketPlus Investing® is better than active investments, including hedge funds, private equity, and Bitcoin. A Monte Carlo simulation is often used to determine the statistical probability of successfully matching assets and liabilities. Also, clients ask for advice on estate planning, gifting, and philanthropic options to consider. SJS provides periodic performance reporting, using time-weighted return calculations relative to an appropriate industry benchmark.

At SJS, we prefer to speak WITH you or TO you – never “at” you. We know some of you may like to read technical terms and take a deep dive into those jargon-infested waters. But many of you just want us to tell you what you need to know, with the message delivered in a concise, easy-to-understand way.

The following paragraph says basically the same things as the “industry-speak” item above – but in a way that we think cuts right to the heart of the matter:

As a client of SJS, you want to know whether you have enough money to retire comfortably and take care of the people you love. You want your money to be properly invested for your stage of life and circumstances, and to avoid paying unnecessary taxes. You want SJS to be accountable to your results and make sure that you, the client, are getting paid for the risks you are taking.

Industry-speak or SJS-speak – which do you prefer?