SJS Investment Services holds the personal information of our clients in the strictest confidence. Information is not shared with any unaffiliated party unless at the express written direction of the client, or if required by law.   Personal and financial information is collected in order to open investment accounts, and as part of the due diligence required by our profession for dispensing advice based on a client’s individual circumstances.   The only investment partners that have access to account information include the unaffiliated broker-dealer or account custodian or other unaffiliated service providers authorized by the client (e.g., Charles Schwab & Co.)   We employ safeguards within our business to adhere to this policy and all employees that have access to this information know and are required to comply with our privacy policy as a condition of employment.  We appreciate and value your continued confidence in the investment advisory services offered by SJS Investment Services, and as always, we welcome client calls.