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SJS and Your Metroparks – How are they alike?

July 8, 2018

Metroparks Toledo – a place where people choose to spend their time to the tune of four million visits each year1 – is an organization built on three tenets: 1. Restoring, 2. Preserving, and 3. Protecting. The parks system is widely admired for restoring ecosystems across thousands of acres of land. In early 2018, Howard Marsh Metropark was dedicated, restoring 1,000 acres that had been used as farmland to a functioning wetland near the Lake Erie shore.2 As a marsh, the land filters runoff water before it reaches the Lake and provides an important spawning habitat for fish, as well as a stopover habitat for a variety of birds.

Metroparks Toledo is appreciated for preserving rare and important habitats. And, it’s applauded for protecting the land by developing beautiful, natural parks that are true gifts for generations to come. The work takes planning, agility, collaboration, and perseverance. Metroparks Toledo possesses all of these qualities plus an ambitious vision: a park located within five miles of every resident – a regional centerpiece for why many people decide to live and work in northwest Ohio. With 16 parks now open for people to go out and enjoy, that vision is becoming a reality.

Restoring, preserving, and protecting. The same words describe our mission at SJS Investment Services. SJS works to restore calm to our clients who are in the midst of life’s most challenging transitions. We strive to preserve people’s wealth, hard-earned through the decades of their careers. And, we endeavor to protect family and organizational legacies well into the future so our clients can care for the people and the causes that matter the most to them.  These endeavors, too, take planning, agility, collaboration, and perseverance. Plus, we help each client articulate their vision for the future. People count on SJS Investment Services to be there and to help them make their vision a reality.

As a leader of both SJS – the company I founded – and the Metroparks Board of Commissioners, restoring, preserving, and protecting are values that I was raised with and believe in. It’s no coincidence that the same tenets that I believe make for good environmental strategy also may make for a good financial strategy. (After all, couldn’t we consider the environment a form of wealth, too?) I view both as vital to today’s quality of life. And as a legacy we leave to future generations.

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