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SJS Does All That?

July 15, 2016

Yes! And we can help you.

It happens, time and time again. One of us will meet with a long-time client, and that client will learn about one of the many services SJS can provide and exclaim, “I didn’t know SJS could do that!”

You likely know about MarketPlus Investing®, our science-based process of structuring investment vehicles and designing portfolios. You know we review your portfolio regularly, make rebalancing decisions to stay true to your goals and risk tolerance, and evaluate your portfolio to determine whether or not new investment offerings are viable opportunities for you.

But, did you know that we can work with other professionals who support and assist you? We can work with your accountant to help streamline your finances. We can work with your estate planning attorney to assist with implementing your estate plan, titling your accounts properly, and correctly naming your beneficiaries. We can help advise business owners as they consider selling or purchasing a business.

And while those are all extremely valuable services, the most important thing we do on a daily basis is much simpler. We strive to provide peace of mind. One of the first calls people make is often to SJS. When a child or grandchild of a client is getting married – or when they themselves are getting remarried. When a spouse or other family member passes away. When a new baby is born into the family. We have even helped a client navigate the process of purchasing her first car on her own at the tender age of 80-something!

People call on us to accompany them through life’s events. We are there for them. Because our work is about more than just money, and knowing how to invest that money. It’s about life, about being a trusted advisor and a friend.

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