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SJS is open for business with You in mind!

May 6, 2020

Yesterday I held my first face-to-face meeting with a prospective client since the early days of March.

We sat together at a conference table, although not too closely together given all of the guidance we have received.

But it felt good to interact in person.

From Arizona to Ohio to points beyond and between, governors and health directors seem to be signaling a new spirit of social reengagement.

Thoughtfully and carefully to be sure, each and every household is balancing health and well-being and finding their own equilibrium.

Business interactions and social interactions are finding new footing. Large gatherings and intimate gatherings are likely further off in the future.

At SJS, your professional advisory team modified their work schedules and locations in March and April, but we remained operational as we conduct financial transactions and were dubbed an essential service. Some of our colleagues have worked remotely. Others have been safe and comfortable commuting to individual offices, mindful of the health concerns that have spanned our nation and the globe.

We have strived to answer phones, answer emails, and continue to be responsive to you and all of our clients while working diligently on your behalf.

You may or may not have known that we made adjustments to our physical workspaces. And hopefully our service to you appeared seamlessly uninterrupted. That’s what you deserve.

With sensitivity to the public backdrop and the current social trajectory, we want you to know that SJS is open for business!

We have been and remain available to talk with you or meet with you, under whatever circumstances you prefer.

There may be a “transitional” normal, but we are striving to get back to normal nonetheless.

Our team is energized by the hope and expectation that we have turned the corner on public health concerns and the social and economic upheaval we’ve never before experienced. We will continue to manage through challenging investment markets on your behalf, whatever may come our way.

For 25 years, SJS has strived to live by the maxim: You come first. All the time. Every time.

We remain committed to you and look forward to seeing you before long!


Very truly yours,

Scott J. Savage

Founder and CEO