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Let’s Talk Finances … With Your Kids!

August 15, 2017

Maybe you’ve tried to talk with your kids or grandkids many times about financial responsibility. Or maybe you haven’t wanted to bring up the “taboo” subject of money. That’s okay. We can. And we can have the conversation on your behalf. Just call us to set up an appointment to talk finances and how money works.

Every young person needs to know that money can be his or her friend… or enemy. We can help make it the first one, by covering a few basics with them over the course of about an hour. We can touch on everything from living within your means, to paying yourself first. We’ll even share how saving money works, and how to make it work for you. We’ll talk about the difference between good debt and bad debt and what happens if you have any of the latter.

You say your son or daughter isn’t a math fan? He or she will like hearing about and seeing this math. We’ll discuss what money invested today has the possibility to become in 30 years. And, what opportunities may be missed if those same dollars are spent impulsively on a purchase with little or no lasting value.

It’s an eye-opening education that may be difficult for parents to deliver, but something we do all day. Take us up on the offer. It costs nothing but could be worth so much. And, at the very least, can begin to plant the seed of financial awareness and responsibility. You’ve worked to provide for those you love in every other way. Here’s one more very important way to show you care.