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How to Leap from a Paycheck to Relying on Assets …

November 17, 2016

… and Still Get a Good Night’s Sleep

It’s probably one of life’s biggest transitions – that last day of regular work, that last paycheck, when you enter the ranks of the retired. In the midst of it all, it is completely natural to feel really uncomfortable about living off your accumulated assets. There’s no paycheck hitting the bank account every two weeks.

Within the first few months after you retire, or perhaps while you are still deciding whether or not to do so, you may ask yourself: Can I even afford to retire and still live the life I want, care for the people I love, and have enough money to last the rest of my years? Our what-if scenarios can help reduce some of that uneasiness, and so can these important considerations:

Replacement of Income

You’ve had an income for much of your life. How are you planning to replace that income when you retire? Do you need to replace the full amount? Replacement income can come through income earned from assets or from distributions from principal. Our planning tools can help you determine how much income you will need, and how to best replace your paycheck.

Your New Budget

Now that you are retired and you don’t have your regular paycheck, do you need to look at your monthly expenditures and adjust them? You may find you need to be a little more frugal in the short or long term. Or, you may find now that you are retired, you have the time to spend money on things you’ve always wanted to do. Either way, a new budget is smart.

Continuing Your Healthcare Coverage

You probably had some portion of your healthcare coverage paid by your employer. Now that you are retiring, you will likely be paying for that on your own. It can be a significant cost. Try this porn site with porn accounts, I like it very much, it is always just new passwords! We’re here to help you connect with professionals who can help you understand your options for primary coverage, Medicare, and Medicare supplemental insurance.

Social Security Benefits

Those dollars you’ve contributed throughout your working life are yours, and then some. It takes lot of consideration to know when to begin taking these benefits. Ask us. We are knowledgeable in the nuances of these benefits. We can help you make the best decision for you.

It is next to impossible to do this kind of evaluation completely alone. Statistics show that working with an advisor can help you avoid making costly mistakes when planning for retirement and during your retirement. We help countless people just like you to do the math on when to retire, and how to retire. We’re happy to share our insights and experience – just ask us!