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What is YOUR Expected Return?

July 30, 2019

When you make an investment, you are probably hoping to receive a return of, and on, that investment.

As a client of SJS, we know that what you expect from your investment return is a great deal more than just a number or percentage. And what you expect is specific and incredibly meaningful to you.

You might be looking for peace of mind when you retire, or sell your business.

You might want help with monetizing your life’s work in a way that preserves and protects what you’ve built for your loved ones.

You might wish to provide your children and grandchildren with opportunities you never had – without undermining their ambition.

For some of you, your goal may be to leave a legacy to an organization that you feel is making the world a better place.

No matter what you expect as the return on your investment, our pledge to you is that we will strive to match your risk tolerance to appropriate investments and returns.

MarketPlus Investing® is designed to capture premiums, or patterns, that have historically persisted in global financial markets. We stand on the shoulders of some really smart academic people who discovered these patterns, and believe these patterns will continue into the future.

This does not mean that every quarter will result in a positive return on your investments. We know that there will be periods of time where the markets take a turn in a negative direction, leading to returns that we neither expect nor want.

By following the discipline of our MarketPlus Investing strategy, our goal is to design your portfolio to capture the benefits of premiums that have persisted over time.

We understand that your investment return has a purpose, that the numbers on your statement have meaning beyond their intrinsic value. They are connected to the people, the enterprises, and the causes that matter to you.

The responsibility of this task is not lost on us – ever. We work hard every day to help you achieve the return that matters to you.

Past performance does not guarantee future results.