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10 Commandments … of Money

March 25, 2019

Now seems like a good time to share one of our most requested SJS features – the 10 Commandments … of Money.

We think good advice certainly bears repeating!

1. Thou shall diversify investments, because markets tend to be efficient.

2. Thou shall not live beyond thy means.

3. Thou shall not attempt to time the market.

4. Thou shall not give unearned money to thy children, robbing them of a vital learning opportunity.

5. Thou shall not abandon investment discipline during a Bear Market.

6. Thou shall not abandon investment discipline during a Bull Market.

7. Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s hedge funds.

8. Thou shall not hire a money manager based on recent track records.

9. Thou shall not overpay for the delivery of investment advice.

10. Thou shalt not pay undue taxes in an investment portfolio.

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